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BA in Gurgaon

Level Graduation
Duration 3 Years
Type Degree
Eligibility 10+2 Any Board in India

BA in Gurgaon program offers teaching in the peoples, social sciences or liberal arts. These programs are commonly offered at most colleges or universities. If you are involved in pursuing a broad liberal arts education, read on to find out around B.A. degrees.The Bachelor of Arts is a flexible degree that provides students with the optimal balance between a defined sequence of study and flexible course options.A Bachelor of Arts is a broad interdisciplinary undergraduate degree program about general education, electives and major area of study courses.The demand for candidates possessing Bachelor of Arts Degrees can lone go up.

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As globalization feasts, businesses now spend a lot of time working with cultures very different from our own.Open Admission As opposite to a Bachelor of Science program, B.A. programs generally give you more flexibility in choosing your courses and are less specialized.Clearly, many learned skills make a Bachelor of Arts degree make it a valuable asset.

A Bachelor of the Arts degree program offers students with a more extensive education, needful fewer credits that are straight linked to a specific major. Instead, students are expected to earn credits in a variety of liberal arts subjects. Courses in the peoples, English, the social sciences, and a foreign language are classically part of this degree program.

BA in Gurgaon Most Popular Courses

  • BA Hindi Literature
  • BA Home Science
  • BA Arabic
  • BA Urdu
  • BA Anthropology
  • BA Bengali
  • BA History
  • BA Political-Science
  • BA journalism
  • BA English
  • BA Hindi
  • BA Geography
  • BA Gujarati
  • BA Education
  • BA Kannada
  • BA Malayalam
  • BA Marathi
  • BA Mathematics

MA Course Job Type

  • Administrative Officer.
  • Business Administrator.
  • Management Analyst
  • Pollster.
  • Political Correspondent.
  • Production Managers.
  • Public Affairs Research Analyst.
  • Public Opinion Analyst.
  • Management Accountants.
  • Marketing Managers.
  • Labour Management Relations Specialist.
  • Social Worker.
  • Personnel Management Specialist.
  • Policy Analyst.
  • Business Consultants.
  • Business Management Researcher.
  • Business Management Professor.
  • Finance Managers.
  • Human Resource Managers.
  • Information Systems Managers.
  • Lobbyist/Organizer.
  • Political Commentator.
  • Research and Development Managers.

BA Course Employment Areas

  • Banks.
  • Multinational Companies.
  • News Media.
  • Public Works.
  • Field Research Firms.
  • Financial Organizations.
  • Industrial Houses.
  • Law Firms.
  • Lobbying Firms.
  • Management.
  • Marketing Research Firms.
  • Business Houses.
  • Consultancies.
  • Educational Institutes.
  • Fire Department.
  • Economic Development.
  • Export Companies.
  • Foreign Affairs.
  • Municipal Planning.
  • Publishing Firms.
  • Political Organizations.
  • Police.
  • Tourism.


BA Colleges  in Gurgaon

After BA Courses Carrier Option in Gurgaon

  • MA
  • LLB
  • B.Ed
  • MBA
  • MCA
  • Diploma Courses
  • Fashion Design Courses
  • Short term Computer Courses
  • Hotel Management Courses


  • Government – Victorian Public Service via Graduate Employment Programs.
  • Media and communications organizations journalism cadetships, communications, online content management, media monitoring.
  • Non-government organizations project coordination, research and policy support, advocacy.
  • Arts and cultural organizations public programs, publicity, gallery assistants.