Charotar University of Science and Technology Fee Structure 2021-22

Charotar University of Science and Technology Fee Structure:

Programmes 2021-22 Fee in Rs/Yr. (for 2021-22)
Faculty  of Technology and Engineering (CSPIT  & DEPSTAR)
(A)  Undergraduate Courses  (B. Tech.  Degree)
B. Tech.  (Civil  Engineering) 1,21,000
B. Tech.  (Electrical  Engineering) 1,21,000
B. Tech.  (Electronics  & Communication Engineering) 1,21,000
B. Tech.  (Mechanical  Engineering) 1,21,000
B. Tech.  (Information Technology) 1,21,000
B. Tech.  (Computer  Engineering) 1,21,000
B. Tech.  (Computer  Engineering)- DEPSTAR 98,000
B. Tech.  (Computer  Science  and  Engineering)- DEPSTAR 98,000
B. Tech.  (Information Technology)-DEPSTAR 98,000
(B) Postgraduate Courses  (M.Tech.  Degree)
M.Tech.  (Electronics  & Communication Engineering  [Embedded  System  and VLSI  Design]) 1,50,000
M.Tech.  (Electronics  & Communication Engineering  [Information and  Communication Technology])* 1,50,000
M.Tech.  (Mechanical  Engineering  [Advanced  Manufacturing Technology]) 1,50,000
M.Tech.  (Mechanical  Engineering  [Thermal  Engineering])* 1,50,000
M.Tech.  (Mechanical  Engineering  [Computer  Aided  Design  and  Manufacturing]) 1,50,000
M.Tech.  (Computer  Engineering) 1,50,000
M.Tech.  (Computer  Engineering)[Computer Science  and  Engineering] 1,50,000
M.Tech.  (Civil  Engineering) [Structural  Engineering] 1,50,000
M.Tech.  (Electrical  Engineering) [Power  Electronics]* 1,50,000
M.Tech.  (Electrical  Engineering) [Electrical  Power  System]) 1,50,000
Faculty  of Pharmacy
(A) Undergraduate Courses  (B. Pharm) 1,22,000
(B) Postgraduate Courses  (M.  Pharm)
M. Pharm  (Pharmaceutical Technology) 1,79,000
M. Pharm  (Regulatory  Affairs) 1,79,000
M. Pharm  (Pharmaceutical Quality  Assurance) 1,79,000
M. Pharm  (Pharmacy  Practice) 1,79,000
M. Pharm  (Pharmacology ) 1,79,000
Faculty  of Medical  Sciences
(A) Undergraduate Courses
Bachelor  of Physiotherapy (BPT) 75,000
B.Sc.(Nursing) 1,48,0000
B. Sc. (Medical  Radiology  and Imaging  Technology) 40,000
B. Sc. (Operation  Theater  and  Anesthesia  Technology) 30,000
B. Sc. (Optometry) 50,000
(B) Postgraduate Courses
M.Sc.  Nursing  (Medical-Surgical Nursing) 1,78,000
M.Sc.  Nursing  (Community Health) 1,78,000
M.Sc.  Nursing  (Mental  Health) 1,78,000
M.Sc.  Nursing  (Obstetrics  & Gynecological ) 1,78,0000
M.Sc.  Nursing  (Child  Health) 1,78,000
MPT  (Musculoskeletal Sciences) 2,00,000
MPT  (Neurological Sciences  ) 2,00,000
MPT  (Cardiopulmonary Sciences) 2,00,000
MPT  (Paediatrics) 2,00,0000
MPT  (Rehabilitation) 2,00,000
MPT  (Sports  Sciences) 2,00,000
Master  of Science  in Medical  Laboratory  Technology 22,000
(C)Diploma  Courses
Post Graduate  Diploma  in Medical  Laboratory  Technology 20,000
Post Graduate  Diploma  in Clinical  Hypnosis 45,000
Post Graduate  Diploma  in Hospital  Administration 17,000
General  Nursing  & Midwifery 61,000
Faculty  of Computer  Science  And Applications
(A) Undergraduate Courses
Bachelor  of Computer  Applications (BCA) 35,000
B.Sc.  IT 30,000
(B) Postgraduate Courses
MCA  (Lateral) 1,05,000
M.Sc.  IT 60,000
Faculty  of Management Studies
(A) Undergraduate Courses
Bachelor  of Business  Administration  (BBA) 40,000
(B) Postgraduate Courses
Master  of Business  Administration (MBA) 1,22,000
(C) Diploma/Certificate Courses
Post   Graduate  Diploma  in Management (PGDM) 1,22,000
Faculty  of Applied  Sciences
(A) Undergraduate Courses
Dual  Degree  B. Sc + M. Sc Biological  Science(Biotechnology/ Microbiology/ Biochemistry) 40,000
Dual  Degree  B.Sc.  + M.Sc.(Physics) 40,000
(B) Postgraduate Courses
M.Sc.  (Biotechnology/ Microbiology/ Biochemistry) 70,000
M.Sc.(Advanced Organic  Chemistry) 60,000
M.Sc.  (Physics) 50,000
M.Sc.  (Mathematics) 40,000

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