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Diploma Course in Noida

Diploma Course in Noida is a short-term course (usually 1 to 2 years in duration) that focuses on training a person in a particular field. At the postsecondary level, diploma programs are usually short-term and less comprehensive than associate’s degree programs. Community colleges offer diploma programs as educational openings for students who aren’t pursuing full-time degrees. Admission Open Diploma programs usually contain several courses in an exact subject area or skill and can lead you toward entry-level service in a specialized field.  In Noida City provided distance education course in paint coating technology and they prime to aim of distance  education is offerd the all colleges provide the good educational eniviroemnet with God education facility.


A person can enroll for a diploma course even after class 10 and 12th. Diploma courses at the master’s level require the candidate to have a graduate degree.

Diploma Course

  • Diploma (Marine Engineering)
  • Diploma (Medical Laboratory Technology)
  • Diploma (Plastic Technology)
  • Diploma (Production and Industrial Engineering)
  • Diploma (Textile Design)
  • Diploma (Textile Processing)
  • Diploma (Architectural Assistantship)
  • Diploma (Automobile Engineering)
  • Diploma (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
  • Diploma (Electronics Microprocessor)
  • Diploma (Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering)
  • Diploma (Fashion Design)
  • Diploma (Food Technology)
  • Diploma (Garment Technology)
  • Diploma (Information Technology)
  • Diploma (Instrumentation Technology)
  • Diploma (Interior Design and Decoration)
  • Diploma (Leather Technology)
  • Diploma (Chemical Engineering)
  • Diploma (Civil Engineering)
  • Diploma (Computer Engineering)
  • Diploma (Computer Science and Engineering)
  • Diploma (Electrical Engineering)
  • Diploma (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
  • Diploma (Electronics and Communication Engineering – Industry Integrated)
  • Diploma (Leather Technology Footwear)
  • Diploma (Library and Information Sciences)
  • Diploma (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Diploma (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning)
  • Diploma  (Tool and Die)


The course is designed in a way such that the individual gets basic theoretical knowledge about the subject in focus, apart from wide practical training needed in the job industry. A lot of diploma courses have on-the-job training and traineeship and focus more on practice exams. For example, a diploma in computer science involves subjects trotted on programming languages and computer hardware only.


After a diploma, you can either enroll for a degree course or expression for jobs. For example,  you can enroll in a B.Tech in Computer Science course after you complete your diploma course. In that case, you will be straight given admission to the second year. It is normally very difficult to get admitted to a difficult degree after only a diploma course. In order to do so, you want to pursue a course for at smallest 1 or 2 more years, after your diploma.

Job For After Diploma Courses

  • Engineering Jobs after Diploma
  • Private Jobs after Diploma
  • Railway Jobs after Diploma
  • Teaching Jobs after Diploma
  • Government Jobs after Diploma
  • Bank Jobs after Diploma
  • Defence Jobs after Diploma


Diploma Colleges  in Noida