AIU stands Association of Indian Universities

What is AIU?

The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) first formed on 23 March 1925 as Inter-university board is an organization registered in 1967 under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. During deliberations of a Conference of the vice Chancellors of Universities under Lord Reading who was the viceroy of India at that time, the concept of bringing Universities to a common platform had emerged for the first time. With Inter-university board gaining legal status, in 1973 it was renamed The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) as a registered society with a membership of universities of India. It acts as a forum for representative of member Universities to exchange views on higher education, evaluate foreign universities to equate it with the courses of Indian Universities, recognizes degrees and diplomas and brings out a number of useful publication and research papers. The members of this include, open Universities, traditional Universities, professional Universities, deemed to be Universities and institutes of national importance. Presently the number of members of Association of Indian Universities is 527 and due to the provision of granting this membership to Universities of neighboring countries 7 associate members are also included. These members are:

  • University of technology, Mauritius
  • Mauritius University, Mauritius
  • Kathmandu University, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Semey state medical university, Semey, Kazakhstan
  • Middle East University, UAE
  • Open university of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Royal university of Bhutan, Thimpu

Why is it important?

The importance of the Association of Indian Universities lies in the fact that it serves as a bureau of information and acts as a means of developing communication. The AIU is responsible for introducing programs so that standard of teaching, examination, publication, research, libraries, scholarly organizations etc. can grow in innovative ways and leads to promotion and contribution in the propagation of education. It helps Universities to be independent organizations and gives their degrees, diplomas, examination, and etc. Recognition of Indian as well as of foreign universities.

The Association of Indian Universities acts as an inter-university society coordinating various consultations amongst the member universities and also works for cooperation and communication between Universities and government (state as well as central government) and also with other bodies, whether national or international, in matters of mutual interests.

What are the major works?

The Association of Indian Universities also helps in introducing of staff members pertaining to both research and teaching. It is responsible for developing and undertaking various lectures, research, seminar and workshops for higher education. Aside from educational development, the AIU also facilitates the organization and maintenance in promoting sports as well as extra-curricular amongst its member universities. It designates equivalence for various institutions and eligibility requirements for such courses and boards for national as well as international. It is financed by the annual subscription of universities to gain or continue membership.

The government is also responsible for maintenance and development. The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) provides financial aid for research studies, workshops, and training programs for university administration, orientation programs and the creation of data bank.

The Association of Indian Universities undertakes the publication of newsletters, research papers, books and journals and brings out useful publication such as “university handbook” and a weekly journal called “university news”.

The AIU also acts as a service agency and has a number of divisions such as student information division, evaluation division, publication sales division, sports division, youth affairs division, finance division, administration division, Library and documentation division, computer division and meeting division. It is concerned with bettering and welfare of students, teachers, and related universities and therefore it includes in major work of this organization to develop various youth welfare, student services, cultural programs, adult education and other such activities.