COA stands for Council of Architecture


What is Council of Architecture?

Formulated on the guidelines and provisions of the Architect act of 1972, the council had objectives to look into the matters concerning the architects. It was validated by the parliament of India thereby becoming functional on 1st September 1972.


The body majorly aimed at maintaining a record of the qualified and workable architects. It also takes reasonable and necessary steps in order to maintain a decent standard. A regular check on the activities of the department is kept. It does not only ensures proper functioning but also give an insight of the flaws and cracks in the system that need to amended and worked upon.

It is run by a committee of exceptionally qualified members who entirely depend upon the observations, surveys, and research before jumping to a conclusion. The decision taken towards the end is consulted with the concerned branch of government as well.

Why is the council important?

In order to get tagged as the ‘Architect’, it is essential to get recognized and registered by the Council of architecture.  Every architect is assigned a registration number by the council. This unique code number actually certifies that the architect has qualified the standard requirements of the profession. A degree in the field and a decent experience to work in the profession makes you eligible to acquire the registration number from the council.

The council also withholds the authority of taking action against the person who is found guilty of using the title and style f the architects. The section 36 of the architect act declares it as an offense.

COA Approval 

Also, the council takes the major decision of setting up a standard for the educational qualification.  The various institutions that are imparting knowledge for the field of architecture are supposed to follow the regulations framed by the council. Hence it becomes the advisory body as well. The discussions and decisions regarding the eligibility, criteria, duration of the course, the fees structure, the syllabus, pattern of the examinations, staff and faculties etc need to be made by the council. Looking at the major jobs that the body is expected to perform, it is essentially important.

What are the major works performed by the Council of architecture?

The council conducts a meeting twice a year in order to talk about the issues and therefore plans the progressive strategies for the field of architecture.

Apart from the already mentioned tasks that include formulating the regulations and making it approved by the Central government, recording and registering each and every architect and setting up the minimal educational requirements, there are various other duties of the council that needs equal attention.

Appointment of the apt officers and their salary is also operated by the Council of Architecture.  It takes care of the fund required to ensure smooth functioning of the council. Apart from the educational qualification, there are innumerable factors that govern the profession of the architect. Violation of any of these makes the person subjected to the disciplinary action by the council. These factors are as well decided and taken under keen observations.

Council of Architecture

In case the standards required by the council are not met by any institution offering courses in the field of the architect, the council holds the power to withdraw their registration certificate. In order to know the ground conditions of the institutions, surveys are conducted at various instances. Taking note of all the substantial aspects, a report is prepared by the council of Architecture. The decision of whether to withdraw the recognition or continue its functioning is taken based on the reports itself.

Hence the council has various important jobs to perform. In the absence of this body, the field of architecture would probably collapse. For the sake of lawful functioning and appropriate education system, the body needs to continue functioning as it’s doing right now.

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