NCTE Stands For National Council for Teacher Education

What is the National council for teacher education (NCTE)?

NCTE is the abbreviated form of the National council for teacher education. Functioning under the ministry of Human Resource and development (MHRD), it was formulated on the basis of the 1993 act of parliament. The idea behind setting up this council was to promote, manage and develop the teacher education system.

Understanding the importance of the primary education system, the council aims at training and endowing the concerned people with the desired abilities and qualification. Also the secondary system, the distance mode of imparting education, the part time educational mode etc are given equal attention.

NCTE Approval

The body is active at the state as well as the national level. The council’s headquarter is located in the capital of India.  Apart from the main office, the council has set up its four branches in four diverse regions of the country.  The office of the Southern regional committee is located in Bangalore while the Northern, Western and Eastern offices are in Jaipur, Bhopal, and Bhubaneswar respectively. In order to ensure effective functioning, a coordinately working team is active throughout the country.

What makes the council one of the most important functional body?

National council for teacher education has always worked for the improvisations in the English teaching and learning methodologies. For the gradual and successful progress in understanding the need of the students, the body is quite essential. Also, it is important as it holds the responsibility in opting and finalizing the manner in which the knowledge is imparted through relevant human sources.

The ordinance allows the council to overpower and damper the institution that does not meet up the required and desired standards. It is essential to eliminate the fraudulent from the education system in order to improve the prevailing flaws. Also to keep an eye on the supply-demand gap of the competent teachers, an active body like NCTE is required. Maintaining the standards of education is not the sole task rather it is accompanied by boosting up and aiding the ideology that supports experimentation, research and innovation in the sector. It is as well done by the members of NCTE making is one of the most essential organizationss working for the enhancement.

What are the major works assigned to the NCTE?

The council conducts innumerable surveys at regular interval of time. The research is intended to bring forth the undiscovered aspects and need of the society. Also, the expectations from the education system find an illuminated way to get improvised.

The renowned institutions, the University Grant Commission, and the government run bodies are also provided with the necessary suggestion, plans and programs to build up the system more effectively.

The council’s decision is considered final when it comes to laying down the criteria to enroll the candidates in the teachers training program. Also, it decides the minimum eligibility requirements to work in different zones of this specific field.

It implements rules to eradicate the commercialization from the teacher education system and thereby makes it a crystal clear body. Apart from these, the council is responsible for formulating the guidelines those talks about the reasonable tuition and exam fees charged by a certified institution.

NCTE For Teaching Training 

Understanding the need and importance of framing a proper and functional staff pattern, the council maps a very well thought plan. Successful and smooth functioning of this sector is directly proportional to the development of the country. In order to strengthen the backbone of the nation, this council necessarily takes a step to train the people who in turn will enlighten the naïve souls to walk on the right path.

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