UGC stands for University Grants Commission

What is UGC?

The acronym UGC stands for University Grants Commission. Formulated by the Union Government of India, this body was designated to maintain a certain standard in the Indian education system.  It was set up in the year 1956. Considering education as one of the most important pillars for the uplifting and development of the society, the government of India found it mandatory to have an organization to look into the concerning matters. Thereby UGC was formed.

It gave equal attention to elementary as well as the higher education. Primary education was essential to lay the foundation stone and build up a good backbone. On the other hand, the higher education was the matter of concern as it would mold a student in a better human. After all the students will be the torch bearer of the nation tomorrow.

Initially, the body was looking into the matters of Aligarh University, Benaras University, and Delhi University but later took hold of every known university of the country in 1957 except the technical institutes.

The head quarter of UGC is located in New Delhi while a chain of offices can be spotted in the major cities of the country including Kolkata and Bangalore.

What is the importance of UGC

UGC is the only government recognized body that provides a grant to the universities. No educational institute can be termed or tagged as ‘University’ unless it has been approved by UGC.

In order to get recognized by the body, the Institute has to undergo certain tests and inspections. A panel of qualified members of UGC is formed to take note of all the necessary aspects. Ranging from the infrastructure to the management team, staff and educational policies of the institute, everything is judged critically. If the university fails to meet the required standards, it is either rejected or given a reasonable time to meet up to the essentialities.

In order to have a secure future and a stable career, it needs to take the advice and recommendations from the expert.  A UGC approved institute certifies a secure future. It ensures that the degree provided by the institute is authentic and recognized.

Taking note of the innumerable institutions that are opening all across the country, the Commission publishes the name of the fake universities every year on its website. This helps in keeping a check on the places that need not be considered while applying for further studies.

What is the role of UGC?

As discussed earlier, the foremost role of the body is to provide approvals to the universities. Only a UGC recognized university can promise a secure future and an authentic degree.

Secondly, UGC provides funds for the smooth and proper functioning of the universities and the affiliated colleges.

Thirdly, it works in the direction of maintaining a standard in all the recognized universities. Since India is vast country, it is essential that very student who passes out of these universities be treated equally. Hence a common system is followed in order to regulate the teaching, examinations, and research.

Moreover, the university grants commission also works as a link between the union government and the well-known institutes that are imparting quality education to the students.

It also takes the responsibility of approving, finalizing and appointing of the lecturers in the university. A test “NET” is conducted for the same. It needs to be qualified it order to prove yourself capable of teaching in a UGC recognized university. It ensures that the quality of education is not compromised at any cost.

The Indian education system is worldly acclaimed. This clearly points out towards the effective functioning of the system.