Eternal University

University Name  Eternal University
Type of University  Private University
University Contact Number   01799 276 012
Official Website
UG Courses  B.Sc.,B.Com. (Hons.),BA,B.Ed.,B.Tech
PG Courses  M.Sc,M.Com,MPH, MHA,M.Tech.,MBA
Diploma Courses
Other Courses  Ph.D.
Address   Baru Sahib Road, Sirmour, Baru Sahib, Himachal Pradesh 173101
Location   Baru Sahib Road, Sirmour, Baru Sahib, Himachal Pradesh 173101
Affiliated By  UGC
Founded  2008

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The objectives of the university are to disseminate, create and advance knowledge, wisdom and understanding, and to offer education of the highest standards by teaching, research, training and extension programs. Towards this end the university shall :

1.Provide instruction, teaching and training in higher education with a view to create higher level of intellectual abilities in any field of human endeavor.

2. Establish facilities for education and training.

3. Carry out teaching and research and to offer continuing education programs.

4. Create centers of excellence for research and development relevant to the needs of the State and the country for sharing knowledge and its applications.

5. Establish similar campuses in the state.

6. Establish examination centers.

7. Institute degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic distinctions on the basis of examinations or any other such method; ensuring that the standards of degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic distinctions are not compromised, as outlined by the regulating bodies.

8.Set up off campus centers, both for in class teaching as well as Distance Learning, subject to applicable rules and regulations.

9. Promote in the students and teachers, awareness and understanding of the social needs of the country and prepare them pro-actively for fulfilling such needs.

10.Take appropriate measures for promoting inter-disciplinary studies and research activities in the University.

11. Provide visionary and forward looking, 21st century leadership in all walks of life.

12. Foster the composite culture of India and establish such departments or institutions as may be required for the study and development of the languages, arts and culture of India.

13.Make appropriate provision for integrated courses in Humanities, Sciences and Technology in the educational programs of the University.

14. Pursue Teaching and Research in emerging technologies by indentifying rural problems: introduce programs of teaching and extension work for rural development, including vocational programs to uplift socio-economic status of rural masses, women in particular.

15.Fulfill the mission of Sant Attar Singh Ji and Sant Teja Singh Ji towards achieving permanent peace in the world by amalgamating modern scientific knowledge with Braham Vidya and Spiritualism.

16. Prepare young men and women as citizens imbued with the zeal and spirit of selfless service for the community.

17. Give effect to the spirit of national and international goodwill, friendship and partnership, as well as the desire of the people from other areas of the country and the world to share with each other (their best) for the overall benefits of society at large and sustainability of human life on planet earth.

18.To introspect, evaluate and design futuristic and dynamic programs for Eternal University, its colleges and schools, its social and charitable activities, and other educational and auxiliary units. The University will uphold and strive to achieve the following:

Utmost care and stewardship of the environment and its resources.
Environment friendly and sustainable development in the state of Himachal Pradesh and other places in India with its global impact in mind; “Think globally act locally”.
Customize learning and research activities catering to the needs, and a healthier life style, for the people of Himachal Pradesh and other places in India.
Active participation and involvement of the minorities, and other weaker sections of the society, especially women and the rural poor, for their overall upliftment.
Holistic development of the human personality in synchronization with oneself, others and the community at large, with leadership qualities instilled by high moral values.
National unity and communal harmony.
International fellowship and universal brotherhood of man based on Guru Nanak’s philosophy to achieve permanent peace in the world.
In order to achieve the above objectives, the university will help young and old, without any bias, coercion or compulsion, to deepen their commitment to a life of selfless service to the community.
Students enrolled in the academic programs will be exposed to a diverse and wide range of technical and non-technical education and “soft skills” training modules, which will enable them to develop intellectual and training skills in their respective fields. The university will also simultaneously provide career counseling and guidance by keeping the students informed about the potential job opportunities and will help them in making prudent decisions regarding their future careers.
It will maintain and promote close linkages and active contact with potential employers, in national and multi-national corporations as well as Government agencies, while involving their executives and faculties, to interact with the students through lectures, seminars, symposia and class room participation. Eternal University will also strive to prepare its students to take up the leadership in education, science, engineering, medicine, health care, politics and community development for them to become better “Global Citizens”.

Faculty in Eternal University

  • Dr.D.S.Dhaliwal
  • Dr. Joginder Lal Sharma(Dean)
  • Mrs. Sarabjeet Kaur Dhaliwal(Associate Professor)
  • Dr. Ratnesh Chandra Sharma(Associate Professor)
  • Dr. Amar Lata iconResume(Assistant Professor)
  • Ms. Kamala(Lecturer)
  • Dr. Krishan Kumar(Assistant Professor)
  • Dr. Harish Kumar(Assistant Professor)

Eternal University Affiliated Colleges List:

Name of the College and Address

  1. Akal College of Arts and Sciences
  2. Akal College of Post Graduate Studies
  3. Akal College of Nursing
  4. Akal College of Divine Music and Spiritualism – ACDMS


The University was established in 2008.


Eternal University is located in Baru Sahib Road, Sirmour, Baru Sahib, Himachal Pradesh.

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Eternal University is build and well  knowledge, intelligence and to offer education of the high level by analysis,teaching, training and addition programs.The University Provide different courses.The University has well infrastructure,computer labs,library.

Baru Sahib Road, Sirmour, Baru Sahib,
Himachal Pradesh 173101
Phone: 01799 276 012