RCI stands for the Rehabilitation Council of India

What is RCI?

RCI stands for the Rehabilitation Council of India. Although it was registered in the year 1986 but gained the status of a statutory body in 1993. The guidelines of the Rehabilitation council of India act was reconsidered and reframed in the year 2000. This empowered the council to take major decisions for a broader section of the society.

The RCI is meant to make sure of the required services that are to be rendered to the person with disabilities.  Also, it takes care of standardizing every aspect in the field of rehabilitation and special education to bring uniformity.  Record maintenance of the professionals and the personnel who are serving in the rehabilitation sector is one of the prime jobs of the council. These professionals and personnel are categorized into 16 sections which include:

  • Rehabilitation workshop managers
  • Audiologists and speech therapists
  • Hearing and ear mold technicians
  • Clinical psychologist
  • Speech pathologists
  • Vocational Counsellors, Employment Officers, and Placement Officers
  • Special Teachers for Educating and Training the Handicapped
  • Rehabilitation Psychologists
  • Orientation and Mobility Specialists
  • Rehabilitation Social Workers
  • Rehabilitation Practitioners in Mental Retardation
  • Community-Based Rehabilitation Professionals
  • Prosthetists and Orthotists

A general council, executive committee, member secretary, chairman, expert committees and zonal committees form the body of this organization.

RCI recognized institutes

All the institutions that are certified by the Rehabilitation council of India offer a large number of certificate and diploma courses. Also one can enroll in the PG diploma, Degree, and post-graduate courses.

What is the importance of the rehabilitation council of India?

The rehabilitation council of India considers disables as an equally important asset for the country’s progress.  In order to provide them every opportunity that they deserve, the Rehabilitation council of India works for their rights. It is an essential body working for the upliftment of this specially able class of the people.

The council body remains the most important organization that takes essential steps for the appointment of the people who willingly wants to work for the welfare of the disables.

The institution needs to b verified by the council in order to commence any kind of programs or course in the field of rehabilitation of the disables. The degrees shall be considered valid only after the institution gets verified by the council.

What are the major works of the rehabilitation council of India?

The body works in regulating the required training policies for the rehabilitation of the disables. It also set the standards for all sorts of training programs and education. This is done with the objective of bringing uniformity throughout the nation.

Also, the organization promotes the research work and relies on data collection to get the crystal clear image of the society after a specific interval of time.

RCI also works in providing proper training and knowledge to the people before asking them to get involved in rendering services to the disables. It recognizes and registers all the institutes working in this particular field thereby tagging them as the “manpower development centers”.

The rehabilitation council of India works in collaboration with the major education hubs likes the Indira Gandhi national Open University, Madhya Pradesh Bhoj University for on studies and national information center working under the ministry of information and technology to encourage and promote education in the field of rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation council of India also runs a health-related national program. Initiated in the year 1999, it focuses on creating awareness among the masses regarding the upgraded medical facilities, development and progress in the sector. It is intended to educate that section of the society which is unaware of the civilization and development.